Open Stock

  • 3/4” two edge turned
  • 1 ¼” one edge turned
  • Hidem
  • Wireon

*Custom Sizes can be made upon request. Binding can be ordered biased or straight cut, folded or raw edge. Available in 65 colors.

Product Description

“Top-Of-The-Line” binding designed for outdoor applications and items that have to meet OEM standards and specifications. Topline electronically seamed binding turns sharp corners easily and is flexible for easy application. No puckering and no visible seams create a neat, clean appearance.


7.6 gauge vinyl coated on a 2.25 drill with a 17 oz. finished weight Pinpoint & Sierra grain. Mildew treated for outdoor use. Tear, tensile strength, cold flexibility & bond meet OEM specification.

Suggested Applications

  • Automotive and Trucks:  Convertible tops, simcons, tonneau covers, door panels, spare tire covers, floor mats, seats, convertible boots.
  • Marine:  Boat tops, seats, cushions, marine accessories.
  • Cases:  Musical instruments, optical equipment, scientific instruments, tool cases, audio/video, photographic equipment, calculator, tripod, battery, computer pouches.
  • Bags:  Sport bags, pocketbooks, golf bags, luggage, school bags, backpacks, promotional and specialty bags.
  • Sports & Travel:  Air travel bags, garments bags, ski bags, sailing, and camping equipment. Outdoor furniture, awnings, umbrellas, and tents.
  • Exercise & Medical:  Exercise equipment, chiropractor tables, examinations tables, X-Ray aprons.
  • Product & Specialty:  Insulated, binocular, cutlery, drummer, games, jewelry and cosmetic cases, bank security bags, mail pouches, electronic cases, firearm bags.

Topline Colors

Cabrio Colors

Sailcloth Colors